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Residential, Industrial & Commercial

We focus on security in the following

Security Solutions

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Intruder Alarm Systems

Pet friendly motion detectors. Partial and perimeter arming. Panic, duress, hold up and medical devices. Smoke detectors. Colour touch screen arming stations. Ethernet IP communication modules. Mobile push notification apps. Wireless security devices. Roller door and gate integrations. Remote kits.

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Access Control

Keyless entry. Restriction to unauthorised entry. Electric and magnetic locking devices. Security data history events. Encryption card readers. Permission to access via number configuration, swipe cards and key tags. Standalone units. Web based PC client software. User log database.

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Surveillance CCTV

Video and audio recording. High definition images. Motion tripwire detect notifications. Weatherproof outdoor cameras. Starlight, colour and night vision surveillance. 4K resolution output display. PC client software. Mobile remote viewing apps. Surveillance hard drives. High speed network video recorders.

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Two way voice and audio communication systems. Colour touch screen monitors. Slimline recessed keypad door stations. High definition door bell cameras. Infared night vision display. Door and gate release feature. Answer calls on smartphone. Supports TCP/IP wifi. Mobile apps available.

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Service repairs. Restoring of false alarms. Replacement of faulty equipment. Device and firmware upgrades. Product tutorials. Highly skilled technicians.

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Control Room Monitoring

24 hour control room monitoring. 4G wireless GPRS communicators. Keyswitch function. Control room remote access. Patrols. Mobile apps available.

Alarm System Phone Applications

Keep your home secure

Specialist Security Solutions

We have the best industry knowledge and insights, using only the best brands and providing a reassuring and friendly service.

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We understand your individual property needs, so all our products are custom delivered to match your property.
Alarmforce Security & Monitoring Pty Ltd.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, based on the needs you express to us and your budget.

Of course, the system is based on your needs, no advice is given to the client and no work is done without you fully understanding every step involved.

We communicate with efficient and easy to understand language.  We are professionals at explaining in clear English our recommendations.  We also have security consultants available

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About Us

ALARMFORCE Security is based in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

ALARMFORCE is an Australian owned private company and is a founding member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).

ALARMFORCE provides a wide range of security services to the Australian community, in the residential, business and commercial sectors.

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Keep your Business safe

Specialist Security Solutions

We are on the pulse of all new technologies and methods. For exceptional quality system integration and customer service, look no further than AlarmForce.

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ALARMFORCE' primary aims are:

  • Solve client’s problems through personal attention, expert advice and quality service.
  • Fulfil client’s needs in a fair, ethical and cost effective manner.
  • We are more than happy to work with your builders, architects and construction consultants.
  • We use products that meet relevant Australian standards and guarantee our workmanship with warranty.
  • We work with the following brands: Dahua, Tiandy, Bosch, Hills, Inner range Inception, Rosslare, Honeywell, Vesta, Intellicom, Kocom, Aiphone.
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Contact Us:

Email - security@alarmforce.com.au

Mobile - 0417 444 131